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A keen observer and student of the global impact of geopolitical development, with focus on Asia and China

Language and Literacy

Head Broken, Blood Flows

President Xi Jinping exhorting the Chinese people — CCTV image screen capture by author


RECENTLY Chinese President Xi Jinping used a term <头破血流*> (it literally means * “Head Broken, Blood Flows”) to stress a point in his July 1st hour-long speech and address to the 1.4 billion Chinese people. Earlier this year, in the city of Anchorage on March 2021, Chief Chinese Diplomat Yang…

A wake-up call to the western world

An Assertive China Emerges

A Confident and Assertive China Emerges …… Photo by Robert Nyman on Unsplash

The China of today is no longer a timid and compliant player on the international stage of nations. China and its leaders have recently discovered a newfound confidence to boldly make its stands, in many critical international issues that confront the world.

With this newfound confidence…

How it affects an individual’s beliefs and perception of the world

A person’s early beliefs and values are largely shaped by his upbringing and by the environment he grows up in. The education he receives from his parents, elders as well as in the school system and community, will then determine the kind of person he will ultimately become.

At the…

to understand why it is so strategic to China

In Part I we focussed on the land mass that is Xinjiang, largely minus the politics. From a geographical perspective, Xinjiang possesses a wide diversity of landscape, including lush glasslands, thick forests and arid deserts. …

- Unsplash -

the beginning …….

James steps out of the elevator as the doors open on reaching level two and walks towards the entrance of Starburst Cafe. …

To understand why it is so strategic to China


For the wrong reasons, Xinjiang is very much in the news in recent months as a result of the accusations levelled at China regarding its alleged treatment and persecution of the Muslim Uyghur minority race living there, the alleged detention of ‘1 million’ Uyghurs in ‘concentration camps’ and the…

For quite a long time now, since the start of the current downward spiral in the bi-lateral relationship between the US and China from around 2017, there is a concerted effort by western politicians and media to spread slanderous narratives about China.

The constant barrage of vicious accusations and smearings…

The impressive infrastructure improvements we see appearing all over China over the past two decades have been nothing short of being a miracle. …

Biden and the G7 Have a Dream…… to challenge the BRI with the B3W

China has embarked on the Belt and Road Initiative BRI since 2013. It was first mooted by President Xi Jinping that year as a major infrastructure drive that will stretch from East Asia to Europe, that…

CAN THE G7 SUCCEED IN ITS AIM TO SLAY A WAKING DRAGON…. and save the western world

G7 top honchos are meeting face-to-face this weekend at the G7 annual summit to be held in the U K. This is a gathering of leaders of 7 leading democratic nations in the…

Edmund Tham

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